Friday, August 26, 2011

Illness in Family

We've had some illness in the family. We hope that it is on the wane so we can get back to what's important. AD&D wait!, no that's family.

So until we can do that we'll post some great links we've found.

First is 'Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor'

These are both excellent examples of why I like my women warriors to look like women warriors. I know that RPG's are just make believe but please don't ask me to suspend my disbelief on things I know are just stupid. For instance, it's bad enough there is no acknowledgement of human dimorphism in RPGs. In nearly all RPGs women are just as strong as men, just as fast, just as dexterous, etc. This is not like the real world. In fact, it is harder to believe that not only do we have Mary-Sue Player as the baddest-ass of bad-asses in the world but the other two female players in the group just happen also to be statistical freaks. I don't mean 1-in-100 freaks but one-in-tens of thousands freaks. I have seen where half of all the absolute bad-asses on the planet are in one PC group of girls. Not just girls but girls that look like anime pixel bunnies. No, if I have to swallow what everything tells me is biologically and statistically impossible, at least let me see the women look like warriors. Oh, and not be lesbian, seriously, nothing wrong with someone's orientation, but why does every guy who plays a girl play her like Anne Heche with a sword? If you want to do that go cosplay or cyber on second life or something. Don't bring your fetishes into my playtime. Please just stop.

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