Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Game Setting Part 1

I will be using the OSRIC system to run an 'advanced' game in my own setting. This setting is based on an alternate history, world myth, Beowulf, and the stories my great-grandmother used to tell me. The adventures will be influenced by Shakespeare, Kipling, RE Howard, Tolkien, and historical events.

Some of the character races in OSRIC will be changed to fit the setting. Major religions will be outlined for clerics and paladins and some new creatures will be added of course. The monetary system will be changed. Sorry to you old school types who think that coinage systems work that way. Let's just say there will be a major revaluing of the currency weights, measures, and relative values. A single dungeon horde in the OSRIC-verse would contain more gold than has been mined in the history of the world.

My goal is to run the game over G+ if I cannot find anyone local to play with.

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