Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Google + Ate My Blog/Speak Out with your Geek Out

Okay, I am just getting back into D&D after a twenty year absence from the game and I am blogging about it. I have no complaints about that. Well no reason to complain. I'd like more viewers and hits and such but I figure that'll happen or not.

What's 'chapping my hide' is that I have been spending way too much time on Google +. I have gaming related things I really need to write and instead I am looking at pictures some girl is posting. Great pics mind, really artistic and the blog is in Persian so that means if I wanted to read it, I read it in Google Translate. So that takes time plus reading what all the 'cool kids' are talking about.

When I say 'cool kids' I am not being sarcastic, these guys really are cool. They talk about stuff I am interested in and are not ashamed of being interested in gaming and such. Speak Out with your Geek Out, has added many more posts about gaming and geekdom just this week. Everyone who I follow is at least commenting on it and making it interesting.

So just for this week, I have really been letting my 'spectator geek' get his voyeurism on and what with back to school and my daughter feeling badly about making the Mormon Missionary boys feel badly and her planning a dinner for them to make up for it. The Giant's castle has been too busy for gaming.

Back to it for next week!
hat tip to Monica Valentinelli

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